Grey Community Newsletter December 2007

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The Christmas Season

Has begun and with it an increase in activity at Grey. This newsletter contains excellent and timely information concerning fire and bush safety. Plus a report on the fabulous work that Peter Sheppard has planned, sourced and executed on rehabilitating the southern dune. If you can access the web, check out the progress made on the Southern Dune page and more detailed safety information on our web site: The committee of Grey would like to extend seasons greetings and wish all a prosperous new year in 2008. Happy shacking.

21 Year Lease? Do not be fooled!

A very persistent rumor has been circulating that we are to be given a 21 year lease. The rumor reached the point of belief that a proposal is sitting on Mr Myercourts desk. We regret having to tell you that THIS IS NOT TRUE. The man himself when questioned by one of our committee stated that:  “he has NOT told people we are getting a 21 year lease but that we are pushing for a 21 year lease based on the leases granted in Tasmania”. He claims “people hear what they want to hear and that it is just wishful thinking at this stage but we and Wedge Island have proven we can be quite persuasive in the past and it is expected we will be lobbying strongly in 2010 to get extensions to the existing
lease which expires in 2011”.

However, you can rest assured that DEC will fight to the bitter end to ensure that we are eradicated and without political command to allow us to stay, we will be demolished. Your committee remains dedicated to ensuring the settlements continued existence and will pursue every avenue open to us. The current aim of your committee is not as Mr Myer court states. We are still looking at a number of proposals and a 21 year lease is amongst them. Politicians hold the key to our survival. It is they (Everyone Henderson in particular ) who created the six year plan so many years ago.
It is they who have amended it to create our current lease arrangements. Throughout the whole negations DEC has steadfastly resisted any proposal for any extension of our stay. There is no indication that they will not continue to do so.

Grey Conservation and Community Association
Grey Conservation and Community Association

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