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Grey Conservation and Community Association
Grey Conservation and Community Association

Election 2008

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WA State Election 6th September 2008

Impact on the Future of Wedge & Grey

Your vote next Saturday could influence our future at Wedge and Grey. Potentially, there are 10,000 votes associated with Wedge and 3,500 with Grey. Read the information below, inform your network of family and friends who have an interest in Wedge/Grey and cast your votes accordingly.

Political Commitment Sought

WIPA and GCCA jointly sought the following commitment from the Australian Labor Party and the Liberal Party for the next term of government.

“The (ALP/LibP) is committed to continuing the role of the Wedge & Grey Task Force created to ‘… examine policies, legislation and associated resolution practices regarding shack communities in other states and jurisdictions, in order to determine the best way forward…’ in implementing management plans for the two reserves.

Further, the purpose of the Wedge & Grey Task Force is to investigate and make recommendations on how the shack communities could be integrated into such plans for the provision of upgraded recreation and tourist facilities, prior to any future EOI process being implemented.”

– The Liberal Party fully endorsed the above commitment via email on Friday 29th August 08.

– The Australian Labor Party committed via email on Wednesday 3rd September 08 to extend its 2005 promise and will continue the Task Force regarding the shack communities and the future of Wedge and Grey. They have not included the second paragraph (above).

History of Previous Political Commitments

2001 Election
– The WA Liberal government, through Cheryl Edwardes, declined to commit to a transition lease after the 30th June 2001 expiry, pending the outcome of CALM’s EOI process for development at Wedge & Grey
– The Australian Labor Party committed to extending leases pending completion of the Lancelin – Cervantes Road or commencement of development on site
– The ALP won the election and leases were extended till 30th June 2011
2005 Election
– The ALP committed to creating a Task Force involving Ministers for Environment, Planning & Infrastructure, Heritage and Tourism to examine what happened in other states before any future EOI was commenced
– The ALP won the election but the Task Force only met 28th July 2008 and no outcomes produced. Was due to meet again mid-late September 08

Exercise your vote wisely – Wedge and Grey depend on you