About Grey

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Grey is a small recreational shack community located approximately 170km north of Perth. Developed in the 1930’s, there are currently around 120 shacks occupied by a close-knit and diverse local community made up of holiday makers and some permanent residents. Many shacks have hosted multiple generations of family’s and are a wonderful example of off-the-grid living.

Grey is located on the Turquoise Coast of Western Australia within Nambung National Park and boasts three nearby islands (Green, Whittell and Buller Islands), a huge variety of native wildlife and white sand beaches protected by offshore reefs.

In 1989, the  State Government’s state-wide Squatter Policy was introduced with an aim to remove all shacks. Since this time the communities at both Wedge and Grey have been fighting for their communities to remain intact.

This website provides information about the Grey community, and how you can assist in helping us to save the shacks for many future generations to enjoy.