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Grey and its offshore islands (Green, Whittell and Buller Islands) is a very attractive area and home to numerous species of birds and other wildlife. The area offshore from Grey and stretching between Cervantes and Lancelin is generally known as part of the Turquoise Coast.

However, it is an area subject to strong winds (prevailing south westerlies) and the ocean exhibits a strong surge and ground swell at certain times of the year. Ocean conditions can change and “chop up” very quickly even within the protection of the islands and inside the outer reef. There are only two acknowledged passages through the outer reef to the open ocean.

Within the outer reef and around the islands is a maze of reefs with plenty of traps for the unwary or unfamiliar boatie. On the other hand the area offers exciting and comparatively unexplored diving and snorkelling locations, family oriented fishing opportunities within the outer reefs and islands, and an ideal location for scenic, educational and enjoyable wildlife cruises around the islands.

The main species of fish caught offshore are WA Dhufish, Bald Chin Groper, Pink Snapper and Samson Fish. Herring and Whiting are caught inside the reef and are ideal for family fishing.

Buller Island is home of sea-lion colony, many birds breed on all three islands including Osprey Sea Eagles, Shearwaters, Terns and Pied Cormorants. Humpback Whales are seen offshore on their northwards and southwards migrations at certain times during the year.