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Grey and Wedge joined forces to ensure that our political parties focused on preserving Wedge and Grey the March State election.

The two associations were successful in lobbying several key candidates to secure some form of commitment to a key five points that were put together by us ahead of the election. While no party gave a formal commitment to all five points, the Labor party was receptive to listening to, and working with both associations on the future direction of the shacks.

There is still a long way to go before we secure a long term future for the shacks, and the GCCA will continue to work with the new government towards this goal.

What can you do?

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Preserving Wedge and Grey for WA
Save the Shacks at Grey

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The Wedge and Grey Planning Framework is a comprehensive vision for the future of the Wedge and Grey communities put together by WIPA and GCCA. We are working to get this document in front of the State Government with the ultimate goal of adopting this plan in whole or part.

The Political Campaign Information Kit was distributed to the public with information to assist lobbying efforts.