Notice of 2017 Annual General Meeting

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Grey Conservation and Community Assocation 2017 Annual General Meeting 

Date: Saturday, 15 April 2017
Time: 2pm (Registration and payment of dues from 1pm)
Venue: Grey – Neil and Gary’s Shed (behind the old telephone box)

The AGM will be followed by a sausage sizzle (BYO drinks)

With DPaW claiming to have all their site surveys completed, 2017 will be a pivotal year. for the Grey community Hopefully the new Labor government will follow through with their support for our planning and tourism proposals.

With the importance of the coming year set to be greater than ever we are aiming to optimise both our membership and committee members.

Do you know of a shack at Grey not represented by our Association? Can you do your bit to rally them to join us?

We encourage you all to think about nominating for the 2017-18 GCCA Committee. Our committee works tirelessly, and we could really do with some extra hands and fresh faces to share the load.


All positions are to be declared vacant at the AGM, nominations are open for:

(a) Chairperson

(b) Vice-Chairperson

(c) Secretary/Treasurer or a Secretary

(d) Treasurer

(e) not less than TWO (2) and not more than FIVE (5) other members of the Association.

If you are interest in nominating for a position on the committee, please email or with details of the position you want to nominate for, as per the above list.

There is a three-stage process for electing a committee:

1. Nominate or be nominated before the AGM

2. If there are gaps at the AGM, a call will be made for additional nominations only to fill gaps

3. If more than one person is nominated for a position, we’ll formally vote on candidates

If you don’t want to be formally on the committe, we are still very keen to obtain help from anyone able to help out.

In particular, we are looking for those with knowledge, expertise or a flair for:

  • Secretarial tasks – someone with admin experience
  • Merchandising management (including online sales)
  • Branding and marketing – particularly website management
  • Planning – particularly coastal and foreshore development planning and legal
  • Environmental management
  • Heritage assessment/management


Labor wins landslide state election

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Thanks to everyone involved in ensuring that the Wedge and Grey communities were seen and heard during the WA election. The result is the best one for us and gives hope that we can finally resolve the future for the shacks and provide opportunities to preserve and share the unique local culture.

We’ll be engaging directly with our new political representatives and relevant Ministers as soon as possible and look forward to inviting them to visit. We’ll certainly be holding the new Government to this statement: ‘WA Labor is committed to getting the process back on track and with meaningful and timely action so that all the issues of shack owners can be addressed.”

If you had personal contact with one of the successful candidates during the campaign then send them a personal note of congratulations and remind them that you look forward to talking to them about their future support for Wedge and Grey.

On March 11, vote to preserve Wedge and Grey for WA!

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The State Election is on Saturday, 11 March.

The Legislative Council is a ‘House of Review’ for decisions made in the Legislative Assembly.

In the Legislative Council (upper house), only, Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party WA, Julie Matheson for Western Australia Party, Pauline Hanson’s One Nation and the Daylight Savings Party WA support all of our 5 common sense commitments for Preserving Wedge and Grey for WA.

To have the most chance of electing supporters of our communities to the upper house of state parliament and enabling more scrutiny, we recommend that you vote below the line for these groups and other individual supporters.

How to vote cards have been produced for each of the six Legislative Council Regions. Download them here, and take them with you when you go to vote on Saturday.

How to Vote Legislative Assembly – Moore District

How to Vote Legislative Assembly – North West Central District

How to Vote Legislative Council – Agricultural Region

How to Vote Legislative Council – East Metro Region

How to Vote Legislative Council – Mining Pastoral Region

How to Vote Legislative Council – North Metro Region

How to Vote Legislative Council – South Metro Region

How to Vote Legislative Council – South West Region


Photo of second bay at GreyPhoto by Zac Lindley

MEDIA RELEASE: Wedge and Grey supporters seek commitment from political parties to inform voting in key electorates

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Thousands of voters interested in where all political parties stand on long-running WA issue.

Representatives of the shack communities at Wedge and Grey have asked political parties and candidates in the WA election to sign up to 5 commitments for ‘Preserving Wedge and Grey for WA.’

The responses will be used to inform voters across Perth northern suburbs electorates as to what their vote will mean for the future of two communities that have the potential to be unique heritage destinations and make a real economic contribution to the region and WA via the tourism industry.

The commitments being sought by the Wedge Island Protection Association and the Grey Conservation and Community Association are:

Commitment 1 – Support the long-term evolution of Wedge and Grey settlements as unique tourist and recreation destinations that maintain and utilise the heritage character of existing shacks and cultural lifestyle.
Commitment 2 – Appoint an independent Planning Project Manager to deliver a collaborative process to finalise master plans for implementation by 2020.
Commitment 3 – Support formal listing of Wedge and Grey settlements on the State Register of heritage places.
Commitment 4 – Retain the majority of the existing shack dwellings.
Commitment 5 – Deliver existing shack owners universal lease tenure of 21 years with a 21 year renewal option.

Wedge and Grey representative Murray Knowles said that the Associations were deeply unhappy with the processes allowed by the Barnett Government and believed the commitments would deliver a better, more sustainable outcome for this long-running issue.

Mr Knowles said that the two Associations were keeping their supporters actively informed via wedge and grey for wa about the views of each political party and their candidates, particularly in key electorates like Moore, Burns Beach, Joondalup, Wanneroo and North Metropolitan Region.

“We have a supporter base of at least 15,000 people, mostly in the northern suburbs, and they want to know which politicians can see a sustainable future for Wedge and Grey, and which ones are stuck in bureaucratic processes that have taken us nowhere”, said Mr Knowles.

For more information contact :

Anthony Hasluck
Tel: 9380 0700
Mob: 0438 522 194

Boat Raffle Winner – Scott Cox

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The GCCA and WIPA held a joint boat raffle over the Christmas period as a fundraiser to help cover campaign costs. The raffle was drawn at Wedge on 28 January 2017 and the lucky winner was ticket no. 266 – Scott Cox from Grey. Congratulation Scott – enjoy your new boat, and a big thank you to everyone who purchased tickets and helped to make this a successful endeavour for the committees.

Boat raffle winner Scott Cox picking up his prize boat from Boat City
Boat raffle winner Scott Cox picking up his prize boat from Boat City